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Time to Share!

This is probably the coolest tool out there. It's a customized sleep report designed by sleep expert Dr. Jodi Mindell for Johnson's baby. After answering a few questions, you will get a report on your baby's sleep patterns and problems. You can also see how other babies in that age group compare. You might be pleasantly surprised to see, that your little one actually isn't that bad at all. Take a look, this is great!

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  1. Hi .. Hope you can help. My baby is 1 year and 1 month old. He eats well during the day and evening and sleeps around 9 pm in the night but he keeps waking up during the night every hour or two. And he drinks milk everythime he wakes up. Sometimes he drinks as much as 3 bottles of 250 ml milk during the night (from 9 pm till 6 am). Please note he drinks more than 150 ml milk in one go.

    So, how can I have a solution to this problem. Otherwise he is a very happy and content child during the day time and never cries unnecessarily.

  2. Hi Sonika,
    Keep in mind that just because your baby eats during the night, doesn't mean he needs it. Some babies will gulp down a bottle just because it is offered, but not necessarily because they need it. Have you considered any sleep training methods? I would be glad to help:)