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Newborn Sleep

There’s nothing more joyous and exciting than bringing home a new baby...Until sleep deprivation kicks in! Newborn sleep is complicated and erratic, but if we understand why newborns sleep so crazy, we can also understand how to help them sleep better. I will go over some things you may have already heard about, like day/night confusion. But I will also discuss some things you may not know about. Like why is it that the moment you bring your newborn home that’s when all of the sleep troubles begin!? Here are my best newborn sleep tips!

newborn sleep

So let’s take things back to the womb! Think about the environment your baby was sleeping while in the womb. Things were snug, warm, contained, noisy, the list goes on. That cute little bassinet you are expecting your baby to sleep in, is NOTHING like what your newborn is use to. Recreating this environment (safely of course) will help your baby transition to the outside world. 

  • Get some good white noise, womb sounds and heart beat work great since they are familiar. 
  • Get a proper fitting swaddle, to help with that snug and contained feeling. 
  • Put a warm water bottle to warm up the bassinet before you put your baby down. Of course take it out, before you put your baby in, safety is first!

Now that we have the sleep environment down, let’s talk about what happens after birth. Before your baby was born she had an endless supply of nutrition delivered via placenta with no effort on your baby’s part to obtain what she needs. The food came in, and your baby was happy! Now your newborn has to feed around the clock. During the first couple of days, your baby still has the nutrition that was given to her in the womb, once this starts wearing out, that’s where the real fun begins. Which is ironically about the same time you will be going home from the hospital. So here you are excited with a new bundle of joy, that’s screaming her head off because she’s constantly hungry and still has to master this whole eating thing. Sure sucking is a natural reflex, but let’s be serious sucking on a nipple, whether yours or an artificial one is not quite something your baby is use to. So your newborn will have to learn. Also, let’s talk about the fact that your newborn’s stomach is about the size of walnut when you take her home. Meaning she can barely hold an ounce of milk. But don’t worry, your baby's tummy will grow very quickly, and by the end of month, her stomach will be the size of large egg!
newborn sleep tips

Now let’s talk about really happens with your baby’s sleep. First of all your newborn has no melatonin (the hormone that helps her sleep). This doesn’t get produced until about 3 months of age. Small amounts will start to develop over the next several weeks, so you should start to see your baby’s sleep improve. But without this, your baby has no concept of when she should be going to sleep. Also, her days and nights are completely mixed up. She was soothed to sleep by your movement during the day, and was up at night while you were sleeping. Now that she’s out here in the real world, that’s exactly what she wants to do. 

  • To help your newborn with this, make noise, keep the tv on, and keep the room well lit during the day. At night, you will want to do the exact opposite. Quiet things down, dim the lights, and start a simple bedtime routine to cue your baby into sleep.

Now let’s piece it all together. Your newborn is used to sleeping snugly, has never had to work for her nutrition, and is use to sleeping during the day and partying at night. Her sleep is erratic, has no pattern, and revolves around the need to eat. All of this spells for a recipe for sleep disaster! Because of this parents will do whatever it takes out of desperation to get their newborn to sleep. They rock, swing and bounce all day. Often overfeed hoping to get some extra Zzz’s and sacrifice themselves as a human pacifier. They even let their baby sleep while holding them, often dozing off themselves EEK! I get it, desperate times call for desperate measures, I have been there myself. But when does it stop? Often it doesn’t. Most of my clients that come to me have been doing these exact behaviours for the last several months, sometimes years, until they reach a breaking point and contact me to help. But it doesn’t have to be this way. There are many ways to start instilling good sleep habits right from day one. I’m not saying you should never hold, rock, or feed your baby to sleep. That’s the best part of having a newborn. The cuddles are amazing! But doing this all day everyday for every sleep time is sure to set your baby up for dependency on these things to sleep. What this means is your baby will expect these “props” not only at bedtime or naptime, but everytime he/she has trouble getting from one sleep cycle to the next. And since your newborn has many sleep cycles (double that of an adult), that’s when he/she starts waking frequently.

  • Don't continue bad sleep habits. Helping your baby transition to the outside world is perfectly fine, and at times you may have to do whatever it takes so the both of you can get some sleep. But make sure these habits have an end point.

newborn sleep
How can I help my newborn sleep?
Luckily you can help your baby start sleeping well and start instilling good sleep habits from the very beginning. I would be glad to help with this by creating a sleep plan specifically tailored for your newborn, and guide you through the entire process. The earlier you start instilling good sleep habits, the easier and faster your baby will learn to sleep well. And there will be no sleep troubles or need for any “sleep training” down the line. Please take a look at my sleep packages HERE. I would be glad to help your newborn sleep well!


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Baby Sleep Consultant

Hi there! I hope you are enjoying the Sleep, Baby, Sleep site! If you have already looked through the site, and are still having trouble getting your baby to sleep, then perhaps an individual email consultation would be best. Having a baby sleep consultant guide you and answer all of your questions, will ensure that your baby is getting the sleep that he/she needs. The consultations and sleep plans are always completely personalized for your baby's unique situation. I believe that there's no "one size fits all" advice, when it comes to helping a baby sleep. That is why I became a sleep consultant and offer personal consultations. When my baby wasn't sleeping, despite the massive amount of information on the web, there was nowhere I could turn that would provide guidance based on my baby's specific situation. As a baby sleep consultant I take into consideration your baby's age, sleep history, temperament, and individual circumstances. In other words, I get to know you and your baby before I give you any advice.
baby sleep consultant, sleep consultant

I love helping sleepless parents, sleep topics are my passion. To read more about me and how I started this site, you can read my candid Biography Here . You can also see what others are saying about how I have helped their little ones sleep. You might find some stories similar to yours. Here are some recent Success Stories

Here's what Sleep, Baby, Sleep can help you work on:

  • Frequent night wakings. After I collect your baby's sleep history, I will determine why your baby is waking frequently and we can begin working on fixing those wakings right away.
  • Eliminating props. If your baby needs to be rocked, nursed, or bounced to sleep, and wakes several times a night expecting the same, I will create a step by step sleep plan of how to teach your baby to fall asleep on his/her own so that he/she is not reliant on you to sleep well. 
  • Night weaning. I will help you determine which feedings your baby still needs at night (if any), and work on which ones he/she is using for comfort.  I would never ask you to eliminate all night time feedings, unless your baby was ready. We will work closely together to determine this, so that you are responding to his/her wakings appropriately. Not responding appropriately to the middle of the night wakings is the #1 reason sleep training fails for most parents. All sleep plans also come with a hunger vs comfort chart that you can use as a guide. 
  • Sleep schedules. Making sure your baby is following an age appropriate sleep schedule is an important component of helping your baby sleep well. We will discuss how much sleep your baby should be getting, how many naps and how long, and how long your baby should be awake in between sleep times. Most importantly we will work together to make sure your baby's sleep is distributed appropriately and that he/she is meeting his/her daily sleep requirements. 
  • Nap troubles. Babies that have bad sleep habits, often nap poorly and only for about 30-40 minutes. They need to be rocked, fed, or even need a car ride or stroller just to nap. I will show you how you can improve your baby's nap length and quality.
  • Pacifier dependency. Does your baby need a pacifier to sleep? Are up all night replacing it? My techniques will help decrease your baby's dependency on the pacifier so that he/she doesn't wake and cry when it falls out. There are so many benefits to pacifiers, getting rid of it is not the only option. Unless that is what you would like to do, then we can work on saying bye bye to the binky for good!
  • Early morning wakings. When a baby starts waking very early, these wakings can be persistent and difficult to resolve. I will help you work on re-setting your baby's internal clock so that he or she can start waking at a more reasonable time. 
  • Sleep Regressions. Sleep regressions are very complex and many times parents offer extra comfort, feedings, and revert to old sleep habits just to get through the regression. I will help your baby get back on track while considering the developmental milestones your baby is going through at the time. There is no reason to put off teaching your baby good sleep habits because of a sleep regression. You just have to figure it into the sleep training plan. 
  • And much more! Every baby is different, and has a unique sleep story. I can't wait to hear all about your baby and help him/ her finally start getting the sleep that a growing baby needs. 

How does a consultation work?

Upon payment of your chosen package, you will receive a welcome email from me with an assessment form. You can tell me all about your baby and his/her sleep problems, and I will email you back the same day.  I will discuss with you the reasons I think your baby is not sleeping and outline a step by step plan, so that you and your family can start enjoying some more Zzz's right away. In addition to your plan you will receive charts that will help guide you now and in the future, when your baby's sleep requirements change. You will also receive information about future scenarios such as regressions, illness, travel, and teething, so that you know exactly how to handle these situations when they come up.

I am a baby and toddler sleep consultant, so I primarily work with children ages newborn to 4 years old. Below are my sleep packages. Keep in mind that for the individual email packages, I don't charge for emails you send to me. I also never charge for clarifications. If I need to ask more questions so I can strategize a plan, that clarification email does not count towards your package. Neither do emails where I high five you, for a job well done! The prices are listed in USD, but I work with clients all over the world so any currency can be used for payment. Paypal will automatically convert it.

baby sleep consultant

The 2 Week Bundle Package. This package is a good fit for all ages, newborn to toddlers. I will create a customized sleep plan based on your baby's unique situation, and I will work with you closely to implement the plan and to ensure that you are successful. We will discuss each night in detail, and I will walk you through the entire process. We will also have the opportunity to change the strategy if it's not working, or if variables come up. In addition to our daily check-in, you can email or text me me as often as you need to within your subscription, and ask me questions as they come up. If you have a question or are not sure what to do at nap or bedtime, I will only be an email or text away to walk you through it. I work long hours, so don't worry communication is never an issue, not even with my international clients. We can start right away, or you can choose a start date if there is a week that is more convenient for you. Parents typically purchase this package to eliminate bad sleep habits and to teach their baby to fall asleep on their own, so that baby can start sleeping through the night. And so the parents can start enjoying some more sleep too! This two week bundle package includes:

  • Complete assessment and identification of your child's sleep needs and troubles. 
  • Personalized, step by step sleep plan. 
  • Unlimited emails for two weeks for a fully personalized consultation.
  • 2 phone calls per week for two weeks.
  • Unlimited text messaging support. Yes, even on weekends and holidays!
  • 2 follow up email consultations that do not expire so you can use them at anytime for on-going support. 

Your 2 week subscription begins on the day you receive the customized sleep plan, or your chosen start date.

    The Unlimited 3 Week Package.
    This package is a great option for parents that want a slow, gradual, and gentle process, and don't mind waiting to achieve results. Perhaps you want to work on crib transition before working on sleep training. Or maybe you want to slowly end co-sleeping, and start getting your baby to sleep in his/her own sleep space. Some of these situations require a slow and gentle approach if you would like to minimize tears. If you want to gradually work on multiple areas of your child's sleep, or just want to take things slowly, this package is a great option. The Unlimited 3 week Package includes:

    • Complete assessment and identification of your child's sleep needs and troubles. 
    • Personalized, step by step sleep plan. 
    • Unlimited emails for three weeks for a fully personalized consultation. I will be an email away to answer all of your questions. 

    Your 3 week subscription begins on the day you receive the customized sleep plan, or your chosen start date.


    The Unlimited 2 Week Package. As with the other packages you will receive a personalized sleep plan that is created based on your baby's age, temperament, sleep history and other important factors, that I will collect from you on an assessment form, and that we will discuss together. With this package you will have two weeks of unlimited email support and guidance through the process of helping your baby to sleep well. You also have the option to add-on follow up emails with this package for future use. The follow up emails never expire. The Unlimited 2 Week Package includes:
    • Complete assessment and identification of your child's sleep needs and troubles. 
    • Personalized, step by step sleep plan. 
    • Unlimited emails for Two weeks for a fully personalized consultation. I will be an email away to answer all of your questions. 

    Your 2 week subscription begins on the day you receive the customized sleep plan, or your chosen date. 


    The Unlimited 7 Day Package.  This is a 7 day unlimited email package. You will receive a personalized sleep plan specific for your baby, and 7 days of unlimited email support. You also have the option to add-on follow up emails with this package.

    • Complete assessment and identification of your child's sleep needs and troubles. 
    • Personalized, step by step sleep plan. 
    • Unlimited emails for One week for a fully personalized consultation. I will be an email away to answer all of your questions. 

    Your 7 day subscription begins on the day you receive the customized sleep plan, or your chosen date.


    The 3 Email Package.  This package includes a customized sleep plan, created specifically for your baby. In addition to the sleep plan you will get two additional follow-up emails for questions, support, or to fine tune your sleep plan. You can use your 3 email subscription at any time, there is no expiration date.


    The Chat Package. This is a basic chat session package and is appropriate for parents that don't require that much help, but still have a few issues they are struggling with. Maybe your baby has already been sleeping through the night, but now something has changed. Perhaps you have done a lot of research, but just don't know how to piece it all together. All of your questions will be answered in this 45 minute online chat session. Upon payment you will be given a link to a chat room, where you can get all of your questions answered by yours truly. After the chat a transcript of our conversation will be emailed to you so that you can have for reference. Email me for the date and time you have in mind, and we can get started. If you need help right away, I am usually available the same day.


    My Guarantee
    I am so confident I can help you, that your purchase is backed by a 30 day 100% satisfaction guarantee. If at any point within the 30 days you are not satisfied with the results of my consultation services, you can request a refund. You will get a full refund of your consultation, no questions asked. It's that simple! I also have a 98% success rate so you can purchase with confidence.

    baby sleep consultantNot sure if purchasing a consultation package or hiring a baby sleep consultant would be a good fit for your family?
    Email me so we can decide together.

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    Sleep Consultant Certification Program

    How do I become a Certified Sleep Consultant
    Have you thought about becoming a baby sleep consultant but have no idea where to get such training? I know, the information about sleep consultant certification and training is very limited and difficult to find. Currently there are only a handful of sleep consultant certification programs available.

    sleep consultant certification, sleep consultant training program

    Through the years of sleep consulting,  I have been asked by several of my clients to train them in what I do. This is an amazing career, so I can definitely understand the interest. I get to help sleepless parents all over the world, while still being home with my two little girls, not missing a single thing.  

    As a sleep consultant you have the amazing job of giving sleep-deprived parents the gift of sleep. Not only is it rewarding, but it enables you to meet and work with wonderful parents and their families. I've found a great deal of joy in helping people all over the world, and I believe you can too. So, if you are passionate about sleep topics and parenting, then you would be a great sleep consultant. The only thing I ask for is a willingness to work hard. In turn, I will do my very best to make sure you understand every concept and will share all of my secrets and tricks of the trade. 

    Course Outline: 
    The Sleep, Baby, Sleep consultant training program  is taught by Violet Giannone, a Registered Nurse, Pediatric Sleep Consultant, Regional Representative for the International Association of Child Sleep Consultants, and Owner and Founder of Sleep, Baby, Sleep, a very successful pediatric sleep consulting company. The program is approved by the International Institute for Complementary Therapists. You will be learning about infant and toddler sleep, sleep troubles, client coaching, putting together sleep plans, and anything else that you need to start and run a successful business. Through this program you will learn how to be a successful sleep consultant, how to get clients, and how to market yourself and your business. 

    Course Content:
    Infant and toddler sleep topics as they relate to sleep consulting.
    This content will be divided into age groups. We will discuss the most important aspects of infant and toddler sleep as it relates to sleep consulting. Sleep topics are vast, so we will be focusing in on the information that you need to consult. 

    The science of sleep.
    The science of sleep is very intricate and detailed. This section will teach you all about sleep cycles and stages, how sleep works, and how the science of sleep actually affects how well a baby rests.

    Common infant and toddler sleep problems.

    You will learn about a variety of sleep problems and learn how to help clients. Bedtime struggles, frequent night wakings, early morning wakings, pacifier and sleep prop dependency, sleep regressions, short naps, how to handle crying, and so much more.

    Sleep training methods and techniques.
    We will discuss different types of sleep training methods and techniques. What works, what doesn't. You will learn about gentle sleep methods and how to handle tears. I will discuss in detail how I have helped so many clients through the years. 

    Bumps in the road.
    This content will discuss common road blocks and bumps you may come across and how to handle them. Some of which include teething, separation anxiety, illness, growth spurts, and regressions in relation to developmental milestones. 

    How to create sleep plans.
    You will learn how to create a successful sleep plan. We will discuss the different sleep plan components, how to put them together, and how to create templates to be prepared ahead of time. 

    When to refer out.
    Sometimes sleep training may not be appropriate, or you may not feel comfortable consulting with a client. You will learn how to handle these situations and when to refer your client to another professional. 

    Business Aspects.
    This content will cover business cards, banners, ads, book keeping, insurance, liability, how to create client intake assessment forms, how to start your website, and anything else that you need help with.

    . . . And SO much more!


    Successful completion of the course will be demonstrated by completing required reading and tests, working through case studies, watching required videos, and engaging in discussions in the discussion board. The course is designed to be taken at your own pace, so there will be no rush to get everything done at once. I know many of you are busy at home with your little ones, so I created this course to be flexible.

    There will be a final exam at the end that will require you to put together all of the information that you have learned throughout the course and create a sleep plan based on one of my current clients. You will also be required to come up with responses to their questions. Don't worry, you will have plenty of time to prepare.

    Certificate of Completion:
    A certificate of completion will be issued once all of the requirements are submitted and passed. If you are having trouble passing a requirement, we will work through it together to make sure that you are successful. You will be able to print your certificate as soon as it is issued. You will also be given a Sleep, Baby, Sleep certified logo for business use on your website and marketing material to show your sleep consultant training and certification.  

    Mentoring and Support:

    Outside of the wealth of information I will be giving you, I'll be available to you every step of the way to guide and support you. I will make sure you are confident and ready to go out and be a great sleep consultant. I will work with you on your first clients for six months, or until you are ready to do it on your own. I will also help you set up your website, help you with sleep plan templates, and anything else that you may need. 

    Members Only Support Group
    You will also have access to a members only online social support group. This group is comprised of individuals at various levels of education. From sleep consultant students to consultants who have been in the business for over 10 years. Parenting educators, nurses, teachers, postpartum doulas, infant specialists also comprise this unique group. All of which you will be a part of, and will have the ability to learn from. We discuss client scenarios, discuss marketing strategies, talk about the latest sleep research, offer each other resources, share documents, and so much more! This very active and unique group is invaluable. You will have a support group from the moment you sign up for this course. 

    $1,750 or 3 monthly payments of $625. 
    Payment deferment and other payment options available.

    The Sleep, Baby, Sleep program was created to be affordable and attainable. The cost is lower than other sleep consultant certification programs because several of my clients over the years have had a true passion for helping sleepless parents and their babies, and I don’t want the price of tuition for sleep consultant training to hold them back from becoming amazing sleep consultants. I have been given this amazing opportunity, and I believe it should be attainable for everyone who has a true passion for this field. 

    You will not be charged a yearly membership/certification fee. Most other programs charge any where from $250-$1000 annually. Tuition is all you will every pay for the Sleep, Baby, Sleep course. You will have continued access to the course and material, even after graduation to stay up date and continue your education. You will also have access to the members only community social group at no additional charge. 

    If you are interested in the Sleep Consultant Certification program please fill out the short application and I will be in contact with you so that we can discuss your journey into sleep consulting in detail.

    certified sleep consultant

    Sleep consultant training

    sleep consultant certification          


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    Time Change: Baby Sleep Tips

    time change baby sleep tips

    The end of daylight savings time is just around the corner! that means we gain an hour of sleep, but for your baby this can mean another monkey wrench thrown into his/her sleep schedule. If you have an early riser this may mean your baby will wake even earlier! Your baby's internal sleep clock helps put her to sleep at a certain hour, and helps wake her up at pretty much the same time each morning. So it may be a little difficult to put your baby to sleep at the usual bedtime without some struggles, and she will most likely wake early in the morning with the new time change. To help make time change an easy transition for your baby, follow these 3 simple tips.

    1. Prepare for the time change, ahead of time. You will have to change your baby's entire daytime schedule, not just bedtime. So for the 6 days prior to daylight savings, shift your baby's schedule by 10 minutes each day until you reach the full hour. This will give your baby a chance to adjust, without a drastic change in his/her sleep schedule. A young baby, or a baby that doesn't adjust well to change, will not be able to handle an hour time change easily. Prepare your baby slowly and ahead of time. If you haven't had enough time to prepare ahead of time, no worries, you can even do this post time change. 
    2. Get some good blackout blinds. The end of daylight savings time means more light sneaking in during the early morning hours of the morning. Light suppresses melatonin, the hormone that helps your baby sleep. Making the room nice and dark will help tremendously and will help your baby sleep in later. Blackout EZ Window Covers are amazing for this!
    3. Give your baby a week to adjust. As I mentioned your baby's internal clock is set to get her ready for bed at a certain hour. With the end of daylight savings time, you will be putting your baby down an hour later than she usually goes down. The new 7pm bedtime, will actually be 8pm according to your baby's internal clock. Meaning your baby will most likely be a little overtired leading to some bedtime struggles. In the morning her internal clock will most likely wake her at her usual time, which is actually an hour earlier with the time change. It will take about a week for your baby's internal clock to be reset to the new schedule. So be patient, and have your coffee ready in the morning! Some early wakings are inevitable. 

    The end of daylight savings time can be stressful, especially if your baby is already an early riser. Making sure you prepare ahead of time by gradually shifting your baby's sleep schedule, and getting good blackout blinds will help the transition go more smoothly. Make sure you give it about a week and your baby should start waking at a decent time. Don't start any new bad habits, just to get your baby to sleep longer. I know it can be tempting to get a few more Zzz's, but eliminating bad habits is much harder than just dealing with a few early mornings!

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    This website contains affiliate links, but don't worry I only recommend products that I absolutely love!

    Teething Baby and Sleep

    Teething baby and sleep....If I had a penny, just a penny, for every time a parent tells me that teething is causing their baby's sleep troubles, I would be one rich lady!! And when I ask how long the teething has been causing these sleep troubles, parents usually tell me weeks, months, heck ever since baby was born. GEEZ....Really? No! There's no way teething is causing your baby to fight bedtime and be up all night for weeks and months on end. The fact of the matter is that teething is not even painful for many babies. Some babies find it annoying, no more than an itch. While sure, others do feel some discomfort. But the discomfort is usually only the 3-4 days before the tooth erupts and maybe the 2-3 days after it pokes through. Not weeks, definitely not months! The emergence of a tooth simply does not take that long! In fact, there are studies that prove the short duration of teething symptoms. And there's science behind the fact that teething is not this excruciating and a painful experience, maybe a discomfort at most. Although most of you moms I speak to you about your teething baby and sleep sound VERY convincing, I hate to break it you, but your 18 month old baby has NOT been teething since 3 months old! And the real reason he has been a fussy, cranky and tired terror is because his sleep habits are poor.

    teething baby sleep

    Let's explore this some more. So why on earth would a baby that appears to be teething, be so miserable and constantly up all night, if she's not in fact teething? Well, chances are this baby has poor sleep habits. He/she is most likely using props to sleep, waking up and depending on mommy to put her back to sleep. This baby is not getting the sleep her growing body needs. So in turn is fussy, cranky, and doesn't enjoy doing what a well rested child would enjoy doing like playing, exploring, and practicing milestones. Not only that, this baby probably has multiple meltdowns over the smallest of things, and anything out of the norm LIKE TEETHING will completely set this baby off.  A tired and not well rested baby will not be able to handle something like teething very well, just like an adult that is exhausted and a curveball is thrown their way. If you are well rested, happy and getting the sleep you need you will feel like you can handle anything. If you are tired and run down, something like a backache or headache will now feel 10 times worse than it really is. This is EXACTLY what happens with a teething baby. If your baby is getting the sleep she needs, chances are the teeth coming through won't even bother her. But because she's tired, the teething feels worse than it is. She continues to wake during the night because of her poor sleep habits, and even after the teeth have poked through you are still blaming the teeth, or next ones which may not even come for weeks! So I can see how it's possible to believe that your baby has been teething for the last few months and not sleeping well because of it. But the real reason  your baby isn't sleeping is not because of the teeth, but because of the bad sleep habits.

    It's very easy to blame teeth every time your baby is cranky, fussy, up all night, or just being a jerk for no apparent reason! But chances are if your baby was getting the sleep he/she needs you would see a totally different baby. And even if she was teething, you probably wouldn't even know when that new tooth would pop through.

    So what do you do? Teach your baby good sleep habits! Help her learn independent sleep skills so she is not so reliant on you and able to sleep through the night without your help. Once you fix her sleep habits, she will be able to breeze through things like teething and illness, and you will feel silly you ever blamed those darn teeth for so long!

    I know teething and sleep can be worrisome. If you need help teaching your baby good sleep habits and independent sleep, please take a look at my consultation packages. I would be glad to help!
                                                            teething baby and sleep

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    This website contains affiliate links, but don't worry I only recommend products that I absolutely love!